Inside a PhD mind

By: Elise (School of Materials)
Competition Year: 2018
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Here we are again,
feeling like this is the end.
Second-year blues
have turned to final year woes.

The end is nigh.
All you can do is cry.
Eating all of the snacks, just isn't enough,
for this set of anxiety floods.

You write and write,
and type and type.
But it's always the same;
you're always to blame.

You pull your hair.
The screen just glares.
What can't you do this?
It's the old you that you miss.

Is it meant to be this hard?
Or are you just being a mard?
Your colleagues say no,
but your friends just don't know.

This feeling inside,
I just can't shake it, you guys!
I can't do this!
But's it's a chance I can't miss!

And so the cycle goes round;
to this thesis, you are bound.
It destroys your soul,
but it's the ultimate goal.
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Yep, but you can do it, don't let the thesis win!
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