Lectures at Dawn

By: swordfightscomedawn (Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health)
Competition Year: 2018
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nuclei in cytoplasmic balm.
languid summers in winter’s prime.
content flecks in anatomical dead space.
shielded by stout oak; by its green breeze brace

Shriek, shrill, wake, alarm!
Winter’s full force, summer cut abrupt.
A flurry of grain, of cloth, of feet
off to receive lectures at dawn.

A vesicle ferried across a ford
-a rouleau through a thoroughfare, anastomosis.
In each, the thought of a circumflex
-back to cytoplasmic summers; to balms in winter’s prime.

Set point disrupted in this tin can,
below vital capacity well into term;
anatomical dead space in its own right,
and learning of erythrocytes.

Alpha, beta, gamma, delta.
Return me to my green breeze walls.
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