Look to your Home

By: ken998 (Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health)
Competition Year: 2018
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What are we, if not Heaven?

The kind schoolteacher, the wayward adolescent, the daring explorer

They are Heaven.

Priests, doctors, painters, lovers

They are Heaven.

Look to your home

To the furnaces that birthed you

Out of chaos came a magnificent being

Fire to flesh, light to life, the greatest metamorphosis

So again I urge you, look to your home!

Your mothers amongst mothers

Look up!

See them as they visit you in the night.

Vessels of time, spanning a vast, black canvas

Vessels from which, your heart and mind were forged

Bathe in their maternal glow. Thank them.

For they bore the beginning of stories, friendship, love, art.

For they made the ultimate sacrifice

For our existence inspired their deaths.

Our connection to the cosmos, like the love of a mother,


So I ask you again,

What are we, if not Heaven?
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