Riding The Sine Wave

By: mr poetry (School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Eng.)
Competition Year: 2018
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Semester begins with a flurry of activity,
Everyone out to promote their society.
Loans dropping in and no-one is broke,
Thinking more about parties than Navier-Stokes.

Lectures begin straightforward enough,
The beginning is always such tedious stuff.
Explaining the obvious and industrial context,
If this comes up on the test, haha no contest.

At pi, week six, what the hell happened?
Group projects take over, so long to the weekend.
Deadlines stack up, starting to wallow,
The content got ugly and I’m struggling to follow.

Question all say the tutors, apply independent thought,
Unless its a change from me that you sought.
Intractable positions from these Mathematicians
Demotivate and stunt any thoughts of ambition.

Hints of depression brought on by precession,
The pressure, the speed, diffusion, convection,
CV, application, online testing, rejection.
More group work, more coursework, a sore ear infection.
There’s not enough room for all this in my head,
And why, when I shuteye, do I not sleep in bed?
The intellect retreats into a cave of self doubt,
A daily struggle to drag it back out.

Three pi over two, nihilism creeps.
On one finger you count the amount of good sleeps.
Time to talk, get it out, don’t suffer alone,
You’re not the only one to want to quit and go home.
Try to understand the boundaries of your condition,
A big problem doesn’t seem so when it’s subject to fission.

Tea, biscuits and chats start to make you feel better
You remember the dream of being a go-getter.
The future looks brighter, you feel like a fighter,
You CAN change the world and make dark places lighter.

Remember these thoughts when exam time comes
It’s easy to falter when all day you do sums.
It's no secret that it's tough when the work gets ramped,
Give it time, you'll see, that the oscillation is damped.
It’s not meant to be simple but you have the ability,
Not long til it’s over and you’re back to tranquillity.

For a while...
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