Transition States

By: Chhavi Mahajan (Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health)
Competition Year: 2018
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These days I profusely resonate,

with transition states of chemical reactions;

A stage in a reaction having the highest energy but the lowest stability, akin to my life’s brand new disability;

Although they are quite short-lived, my situation offers a sheer contrast with immense passion.

Within this eternal fleeting moment, my identity is lost, and so is my naive notorious self; lost in searching for hints contained in other people’s minds.

Should I confine myself in my own judgements, should I strive to put on a skin which everyone likes or should I just embrace the continuous entropy bubbling inside my mind. There exists a gnawing person in me, wanting to step in the same river twice, because there is some stability in being unaware of the infinite possibilities of the real world.

Giving empathy is a two way street so why am I stuck on the wrong side?

The unconditional love that reared me, taught me to just be plain nice, but not where to draw the line, for advantages are not always positive especially when suffixed ahead of the many versions of the verb ‘take’.

Who says that mutants are fiction, they should see me shape shifting from secure to vulnerable,

with no certainity of attaining equilibrium.

You know,

the younger me never thought that the older me would learn to love the beard burn followed by my dad’s hugs,

the only thing that now ironically soothes my being,

when I walk towards the boarding gate,

preparing myself for the solo war that lies ahead,

because a substrate will eventually transform into a product,

and so will the confused child within me.
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