Like a drunkard

By: Xin Jia (School of Materials)
Competition Year: 2018
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‘it’s not possible to be morning, I said,
Am I not clearly speaking, I asked’
Like talking to myself,
Like playing with myself,
Like a game;
I despaired to try, try to give a completed sentence,
But I cannot catch up, for the last word I have said,
Cause I’m an engineer.

I don’t know whether I have moved, seems not,
And how much time have passed, or not at all.
I know I might be sober,
Or, might not be.
I wander in my own world.

I wander in my own world,
Cannot see you,
Or, others,
Moved, or not,
Sound, and women, and balls are colliding.
White, on the world, and black, in the head.

Seems to talk with you,
Seems to talk with nothing,
Just like playing a game,
You can send out a call, which for awaking,
But you don’t.

You seems to fall into a time line,
And never possible to catch up,
You’re making laugh with yourself,
And the last second, start to be static as well,
And you, are going to wake suddenly.

Oh, what a crazy sick,
That is always a compliment to hear then
What can I say?
I’m an engineer.
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