A man

By: Franco Chan (School of Mathematics)
Competition Year: 2018
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A man
stands on the ground
holding something in his hand
which he does not understand

It’s a gas lighter
He clicks on the trigger
and looks at the fire
He begins to wonder

“What if I share this with my clan?”
“No, I don’t want them to mess around.”
So he comes up with a plan
of hiding it in the sand

Is the man being selfish
for hiding what he possesses?
Or is he just being cautious
perhaps overly protective?

Everyday he comes to the sand
He digs up his item
He tries not to make a sound
while doing experiments

He learns so much about fire
how it shines light and fends off viper
how it perishes with a touch of water
He no longer needs his lighter

Finally he shares what he knows to others
And they think it’s clever
Information spreads forever
Yes, you have no idea

Oh, the fourth wall was broken
mouths were probably open
words were even spoken
"this doesn't sound like science"

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