The Two-Body Problem

By: Helena S (School of Mathematics)
Competition Year: 2018
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Come stay with me, just for a little while;
enough that I can relearn the grooves of your elbows as you tuck us close together;
that you will linger on my pillow when you are gone.

Let us be close and enjoy this moment, let my lungs take an easy breath, but leave.
Leave before I grow so accustomed to your back against mine that none of the blankets in my house can chase away the chill.
Give me a moment to think, to find new ways of telling you what this means to me;
come back and warm the spaces between my fingers.

I am prideful, and secretive, and altogether too egocentric and yet here you are;
passively unravelling my world with a smile that rearranges the Solar System with you at its centre.
It may not be the answer on the official marking sheet, nor will it give me awards,
but the ways you warp my mind in those infinite seconds we have together could outshine any supernova.

And here you are, a treasure in my arms I itch to immortalise in any way I can;
knowing you are all stardust, rearranged into puns and knowledge and fire I can only try to put down on paper.
You warm the manifolds of my heart with the solace that even when you're gone,
your actions echo through the universe and may one day come back to me.

I suppose I'm saying thank you for staying,
that there is room carved out for you that I feel in my flesh and bones.
I suppose I'm saying thank you for returning every time you do,
and thank you for always remembering to bring a new piece of yourself to share.

I expect one day these infinite moments must come to an end,
but right now I know that I love you. I don't know what else to say,
but my fingers are waiting by the door.
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