Dream in Science

By: Tian Luo (School of Chemistry)
Competition Year: 2018
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Dream’s an eagle: grown from diving to the cliff each time each day
Next to be full-fledged, to control the wind
Hold fast to your dreams
Once lost, could never find it again

Dream is Science itself
Science is the world
The world’s made up by us: people (ever so slight a part)
People have a dream: to explore Science
To answer who I am, where did I come from and where I am going
That is the beginning of the story
From the earth, to the sun, the Milky Way, to the universe
From the sky, ocean, and grassland: what we can see to what we can’t see
From the initial when dinosaurs ruled the world till now: lay quietly under the microscope
We make the world bigger, then smaller, and then bigger again

Everyone is a scientist
From an ignorant baby with curious eyes: everything is magical
To a mischievous boy, you won’t miss his shining morning face
Then a female with spectacles on nose and white lab coat worn
Search and research what is known or unknown
It is a stage: you come and go; the follow-up then come
Always and forever
Creeping like snail, we will reach the star one day
Just follow the voices of your dream

Dream’s a lighthouse: shed light to the endless darkness
For the ship pitching up and down: that’s hope
Hold fast to your dreams
Even if one day
Sans hands, sans feet, sans everything.
Dream forever
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