By: AlMahdi
Competition Year: 2013
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Complex is a thought of the divine,
When one mixes truth and time, yours and mine,
For surely we are but humans,
Of equal status among one another,
One more reason to call you a brother

Death is a promise and is sure,
To the highest of rich and lowest of poor,
As it is real, so The Divine might be,
I have been anonymous for a while,
My name is al-Mahdi

There's so much injustice where do I start,
Oh yes of course, at the beginning of the art,
At the beginning was a spec of dust that we caused to expand and create the heavens and earth,
Thus is Your Lord, The Lord of the Universe

I am His servant and this is my time,
The more I think about it the more I know it is mine,
To share and spread through the lands,
Through the rape and the marching bands,

Horrid is the sight and tears do stream,
What do I do now, I am crying.
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