Rant of an Angry Scientist

By: Manasij (School of Chemistry)
Competition Year: 2017
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Six hundred and sixty six
A triangular number and a Smith number and a palindrome
Quite a lot, really
But no more.
And yet, you took it and gave it a twist
Made it the number of the devil and the beast.
You called me a worshipper of Satan
When I bowed to only reason.
You questioned my moral and my principles
Making me a monster
A heartless one too,
And one working only for one's own ends
Without love and care.

Shouting of unconditional love,
You shunned and stoned your neighbor
And drowned his cries in your chants
Because he was of a different caste or color
Or maybe was gay.

And in your closed doors of heaven,
You allowed in the one who lied and the one who killed people and the one who became a selfish egotist,
'cause they prayed and spend money on pilgrimage tours,
And threw a 'No entry' board on the poor soul who ate beef or consumed pork,
'cause that's the most unforgivable sin of all.

You called me an elitist and a parasite
Siphoning off funds,
When the lab lights burned brightly
Making a new drug,
Curing a rare illness,
Or building a novel material.
You called a fearmonger,
As I spoke against destroying earth and
Accused me of hurting the common people
When I toiled striving for an energy source-
Cheap, plentiful, renewable.

I may be an atheist,
And I still have my ethics.
I feel, I love, I cry,
Oh, and I sympathize with people in trouble as well;
And I'm humane, no less.
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