Lost In Your Expectation

By: Genevieve (School of Mathematics)
Competition Year: 2017
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My thoughts are so scattered,
No regression can cause them to be gathered,
Into a single stream with a common pattern,
So instead every dream, every ambition remains flattened.

Just because you’re capable doesn’t mean you should,
A variety of skills and passions, now choose one.
The probability of a single point on a continuum
Is zero, so I’ve proved your hypothesis void and null – pun.

Or is it a metaphor? I don’t even know.
I’ve still QED’d my point though.
I like Maths and English, I don’t have to like one more,
Because put them together, my potential will do an exponential and soar.

It’s funny how I hit a brick wall in my mathematical mound,
And my writer’s block comes tumbling down.
Best of both worlds, the optimal solution is what I’ve found,
So why would I go back to my lower bound and give it up now?
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