By: Jessie (School of Mathematics)
Competition Year: 2017
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You are the apple of my eye
Like the sun that’s hanging up high,
Among all stars that shine in the sky
You are the one that blinds my eyes.

Slowly but surely I have fallen for you
Like the bird and the fish that fall for the blue,
Sooner or later I started to pursue
And the passion grows without further ado.

I once thought that I understand you
And once longed to be close to you.

I could not see I could not tell
WHEN have you become so different and stopped making sense
And started to speak in a language that I don’t understand?

I missed those days when things were simpler between me and you
When all we needed to know was just “one plus one equals two”.

Yet I know
Those days were long gone before I knew;
And I know
There are many more days I’ll spend with you.

For you I laughed and I cried. For you
I had sleepless nights. For you
I’d swallow my pride. For you
I would spend my life.

Joy or pain I can’t decide,
Joy and pain may both subside;
Love or hate could not describe,
For what I feel is beyond defined.
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