Natural Divide

By: Phillip Zywczuk (School of Earth and Environmental Sciences)
Competition Year: 2017
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As she woke up, her mood changed,
And once again, the frost revealed her true feelings;
Feelings that were misunderstood,
Misinterpreted as negative and cold by her other self.
She was trying to remind herself of what she held dear,
In the hopes that it was not too late.
The constant struggle inside tearing her apart,
Because she could not be heard by herself.

Her only language is that of beauty,
But this language is not spoken, it is felt,
And part of her had long forgotten what it truly is to feel.

Her body was divided, as a disease spread,
And made her most beautiful feature become her most hideous.
One self remained like she always was,
But her other self, overcome by the disease,
Had lost sight of her purpose, blinded by her ailment.

It did not affect her physically,
Yet its effects were visible on her body,
and marred her beloved beauty.
The nature of this sickness was strange,
As it could be cured by thought alone,
But supressed one’s ability to think.

In an attempt to create a way to appreciate her own beauty,
To have someone to converse to, to cure her loneliness,
She inadvertently created this disease.
The disease corrupted her other self,
whom strove to make her mark by the creation of a new language,
one of greed, one which would eventually destroy her original language of beauty;
the only thing that had a chance of making her whole again.

And so she watched her other self,
Grow more powerful, grow more blind,
Unaware of the pain that she was causing.
Her two selves could no longer converse,
As their languages had become so different,
But still she tried to communicate her suffering.

Her love was still so great for her other self,
that she wanted to show her the err of her ways.
Since her language of beauty was forgotten,
The only way to remind her other self,
was to take away the beauty she was so proud of,
in the hope it would be noticed when it was gone.

And so, she sacrificed, with great pain,
the one thing she had held most dear,
The very reason she divided herself in the first place,
Because all she wanted was her other self to appreciate her beauty,
And in return appreciate the beauty of her other self,
So the universe wouldn’t feel so empty and alone.
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