A Poem By a chemist

By: Heart Support (School of Chemistry)
Competition Year: 2017
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I am a chemist
and I trained my eyes
to notice the symmetry
that matter implies.

In chaos perfection
I am able to see,
And every creation
is rightful to me.

Everything's dancing
in beautiful ways.
And my heart is racing,
impatient, all days.

Visions of functions
come to my mind
whenever a big flock
crosses my sight.

And then I just think
What a wonderful thing
is the poetry hidden
inside the unwritten.

The nature around us
moves like a top,
and neither the bright stars
will ever stop.

And so the time passes
And I just go on,
Studying the mysteries
of the unknown.

Indeed if the poets
are experts in souls,
all of us chemists
are masters in moles.

Two different languages
Describe the same world,
Trying to show us
What cannot be told.
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