Why I persevere

By: Vallie
Competition Year: 2013
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Ever since I started this degree,
And I came to University,
Chemical Engineering has been revealed to me,
And student life, this once was a mystery.

The drive to wake up every day,
To clean and eat in a responsible way,
To work and work and obviously play,
And extra study hours all year, not only in May.

To be confident, take a risk, have a go.
Knowing when to say yes and when to say no,
Understanding Heat transfer and Fluid flow,
And solving problems I never knew I could know.

It’s amazing how you can apply what happens in EBL,
To a student’s life from socials to Microsoft excel.
For they require an understanding of relevant material,
And great teachers and lecturers like Grant Campbell.

And this is why I’m so grateful to learn how to be an engineer
And why I no longer have any doubt or fear,
That I am being prepared for an innovative career
And with God, in success I will persevere.
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