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By: Luke Proctor (School of Mathematics)
Competition Year: 2017
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Am I a mathematician?
In our age of 'fake news',
I'm snug in our perdition.
My facts are empty,
my questions old,
and such prevent me,
or so I'm told.

I could bore you with proofs,
reiterate the forms,
or perhaps
I could calculate the boats
that sink,
in conscience-laden water.
Our Mediterranean -
blue bowels of slaughter,
and foul.

You cannot plot hope on a line.

There's no function
for this strife,
their fear can't be divided
when the sum of risk is life.

It seems the world turns without us.

There's a strongman on the throne,
there's chaos in the street,
all hearts still cling to home
as we're swept up off our feet.

All borders drawing in,
this rate of change astounding,
hate - the most insipid beast:
its' influence abounding.

I'm not a mathematician:
I'm just a human being.
We don't need maths now,
just those capable
of seeing.

Your eyes belong to those who blind them.
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