The modulo 7 residue of 80

By: max towers (School of Mathematics)
Competition Year: 2017
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Family time tonight,
My gaze fixes to the screen as it turns on.
Mum and dads favourite quiz,
All enjoyment for the evening has surely now gone.

I watch Idly,
So little knowledge i have to show.
"The capital city of Ecuador?"
My dad grins and shouts "Quito!"

Several minutes pass,
No answers of my own to add to the collection.
But Now my time to shine,
It is finally announced- here comes the maths section.

Modular arithmetic,
I can feel my smile begin to grow.
Capital cities I haven't a clue,
But the modulo 7 residue of 80 I certainly do know.

"The answer is four!"
I declare it with such profound glee.
Confusion on his face; my brother then turns to me,
"Max you moron- the answer is clearly three."
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