The Physicist's Dance

By: Emlaaaaaa (School of Physics and Astronomy)
Competition Year: 2017
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When the layperson thinks of physics
they imagine sombre souls,
bound by statistics, laws and code
but this is not our true nature

I see brilliant minds seduced by the universe,
how could we not be?
More beautiful and terrifying than one can imagine
She possesses secrets far beyond our reach,
we become obsessed with understanding Her

You can see Her beckoning anywhere you look
Patterns repeated in every corner of time and space
Us, the Physicists, eagerly chase Her
Every step paving a paradigm of knowledge
Desperately searching for unity and truth

But She is capricious.
Laws that once guided us shattered by contradictions
we dive into an abyss of inconsistency
helplessly watching phenomena unfold,
a stunning juxtaposition to everything we hold to be true

Limited scope and insatiable curiosity is our curse
so we meander through the dark
Playing with the intangible
While She dances with us
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