Life Field Theory

By: Sarp KARGI (School of Physics and Astronomy)
Competition Year: 2017
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Another step, another book to go through, my dear
Yet I ask, how many endless steps to reach you?
Shall this lament of mine, ever see such end?
How far must this curse of wonders continue to find you my beloved?

Look farther and farther back, do I ever
And look upon this blight of question, the endless painful walk
Begone, I would say, be over! Let me in my eternal peace
Yet to what do I owe; that I now rejoice my engraved curse?

Questions with no end, images of quarks pass by,
Every oscillation shaking to the core my mind
Oh my insanity, this graceful infinite thought!
My serenity i within you now; the core of maddening curiosity!

"Terror! Madness! Endless Agony!
How could you ever hope to dare the infinite times infinite steps
To the farthest depths of the unseen itself!"

How could I hope to take your hand,
When I can not tell you what truly a spin is?
How dare I look into your eyes with mine,
While no answers dare arrive from the darkness inside them?
How could I hope you touched my lips,
Ready to burst with a googol ideas unspoken?
And yet, what it this infinite agony leaving me dying?

Then suddenly; the colors of discovery bloom through!
Even as another man holds your hand, I feel the warmth of your heart
Thus do I realize; that it never need be my hand;
For such fascinating is love; formless and endless!
'Just a friendship' and not a step more, yet I need none more
My solace is right inside every word you speak
Every dashing smile as your mind dashes through another equation
The endless beauty of boundless curiosity in your eyes
And a tiniest drop of gratitude,
Should I ever be a tiniest drop of inspiration...

Yet another bloom, the endless rivers of ideas!
How eager do I run the steps of the mental challenge;
The passage of time stops in salute as I study its intricacies,
Every field theory becomes an eternal field of flagrant beauty,
All the mysterious forces hold hands celebrating my splendid curse,
Alas, even my own mind shares its deepest secrets mayhaps!
And yet, for every one of them, you are at its heart
My love, an eternal oscillation in the field of life...
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Joanne Cook:
This is a really lovely poem
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