What a Waste

By: Eilidh Hutchison (School of Physics and Astronomy)
Competition Year: 2017
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What a waste, so much waste, so much nuclear waste
that's been piled up for years and often misplaced
in stores and in ponds and on beaches and seas,
but where to begin when it’s you versus me?
We know science and circles that govern the laws
of particles smashing so regardless of flaws
the world is united together to find
an answer to shape the future of mankind.
So we think and we learn and together we climb
past boundaries of knowledge and numbers and time
and colours and sizes and you versus I
and all of these things that are made to divide.
But it’s a disgrace, what a waste, that those who dictate
choose not to solve problems
but choose to spread hate.
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This is so good! Good luck to you.
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