Scientific method

By: Salas (School of Electrical and Electronic Eng.)
Competition Year: 2017
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Looking for an answer in the sky
Searching for a response during the night
I just realised how much love and science are alike

Isn't it that both are always involved with the truth?
Isn't it that at the end it's making things better the only thing they want to do?

As a science man I tried to use the logic to find the many reasons why I wouldn't stop loving her
Appealing not only to common sense but also to a deep research
I discovered that watching her made my senses awake, my mind go insane
but at the same time feel that if this was my last day
That I would die thankful I could say

I kept making so many hypothesis...Why this girl? What is so special?
Definitely I had to do an intensive analysis

I had to go on with this investigation
All I had left were so many questions
With time I went through all the examination
Even though this was becoming every day less objective...I tried to stay focused

Everything that is not supposed to happen in a professional experiment took place
My feelings, my soul, my heart, parts of me that I had been hiding,
suddenly appeared and almost turn the testing into nothing

After an exhaustive examination I found out that all my premises were wrong
It wasn't for any specific reason
I came up to know it was only because of love
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