My Cursed Fate

By: XinxRFian
Competition Year: 2013
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Closing my eyes, they won’t go away,
Opening them again, they're here to stay.

The dreams I have, night and day.
Are they nightmares? I dare not say!

Is it just me, or is the grass less green?
Or were those gay days, all just a dream?

Falling and falling, will I ever reach the ground?
Lost in my own world, will I ever be found?

Dreading the darkness, will I ever be free?
Or will these memories be all I see?

Standing under the endless sky, I still feel caged,
Every joy around me, feels as if staged!

Will this make me go insane?
Will I always feel this pain?

Eyes staring back at me from the mirror,
Blank, soulless, neither joy nor horror.

Everlasting sparks, but now, no more.
Like an abandoned town, after war.

Only death is my cure, that makes me sad,
But freedom from this, it can’t be that bad.

So death is now what I await,
Freedom from my cursed fate.
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