Spirit of the Scientist

By: Victoria Trost (School of Earth and Environmental Sciences)
Competition Year: 2017
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Look out the window and what do you see?
Do you see endless possibilities?
A world of unknowns and questions?
Do you see atomic structures?
Or constant interactions filling everything with motion?
Do you ask “what if” and want to find out what could happen?

It is the mysteries and the unknowns that call as sirens to the scientist.
The world is vast and ever moving,
It is the scientist that wants to learn to ride and harness that flow.
To explore and understand,
To ask “what if” and try for yourself,
That is the heartbeat of the scientist.
To take that knowledge gained
And share it with the world,
That is the breath of the scientist.

Plowing through the unknown is not easy,
Struggles and failures are as common as successes,
But hard work pays off.
One “what if”
Could place the first stepping-stone towards a new and better world.
One small-scale answer
Could be a piece towards large-scale life saving.

So science will move forward
Driven by the hope for a better tomorrow
And the desire to know what mysteries are still out there to explore.
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