The Rationale

By: Michael Anjorin (School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Eng.)
Competition Year: 2017
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I remember this 1 talk that I had.
I was 2 years from being a Sixth Form grad.
My top 3 uni choices? I had no clue.
I liked Maths but it wasn’t 4 certain what I planned to do.

I said:

“Hmm, is there really any choice?
Entertainment and crime is all that’s offered to black boys.”

They said:

“In this age where information is worth less,
more value is attached to those who analyse it best.
So no matter the colour of your skin,
it’s your grey brain inside that will help you win.”

Now I study Engineering in a city in The North
to improve my analytical mind.
It's pioneering in developing ideas and thoughts
of students mathematically inclined.
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