If (kipling for physicists)

By: Michael Wright (School of Physics and Astronomy)
Competition Year: 2017
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If you kept your head when the lecturer said
The proof is trivial and left for you
If you keep writing when you could be in bed
And complete the examples you should do

If you can follow the logic in your code
And hunt down the one mistake that you made
If you work for ten hours to fix the whole load
All for a few marks on your final grade

If you can do your lab experiment well
Though starting with no clue what its about
If you can pull through your report writing hell
Without the words ‘That’ll do’ coming out

If you can talk your subject with a loved one
While others would give in and chat football
And tell them you enjoy the work that you’ve done
When throughout the year you wanted to bawl

If most of your friends think your course is boring
Or tell you they hated it when at school
If you keep your friendship and don’t start warring
Despite their ignorance you keep your cool

If you finish your test in the last minute
And beam with pride at the work you have done
Yours is the Universe and everything in it
And - which is more – you’ll be a physicist my son
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