A History Lesson for an Engineer

By: BridieB94 (School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Eng.)
Competition Year: 2017
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2000 years ago, he asked himself, I wonder will this body sink or float?
2000 years ago, I guess the Engineers of today can say he had a reason to gloat.

The dark ages pass and the light that is Leonardo Da Vinci is born.
He puts pen to paper and the Vitruvian man is created. Artist, Scientist and Engineer.
Inventor of the ornithopter. Now we look above looking for the planes overhead we hear.

A few hundred years later and long comes Galileo Galelei.
He left to us the scientific method before his death.
The year in which he died, newborn Isaac Newton took his very first breath.

We have him to thank for Newtonian mechanics. How do masses move?
How do masses interact with each other? Thank you Newton, from a fellow mechanics lover.

Now let me introduce big Al, Albert Einstein.
Theoretical physicist. He taught us ‘imagination is more important than knowledge’.
Maybe that’s the reason I took the plunge and studied Engineering in college.

And next there’s me, Bridie Bailey.
Female Engineer. Defeating the stereotype in what is considered a male orientated profession.
Will I leave my own legacy I wonder? I guess time will tell.
But thank you for taking part in my history lesson.
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