Man's search for dominance

By: Ahmed Abouelhassan (School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Eng.)
Competition Year: 2017
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Driving a tractor tottering across fields,
Our bumptious farmer glances at his farm
Stretching to the far horizon. It yields
Content, thinking he is doing no harm.
Blinded by our haughtiness, we do believe,
That we can tame nature and fix its flaws,
That we are wiser; advancing, in brief,
As we have grasped the world’s riddles and laws.
But there’s no mentioning of our downfall,
We can’t control our ardour nor our ire.
And deep within our abandoned selves, we crawl,
Just like with nature, lost control and desire.
There’s no shame in digging the ashes of all
The wise who lived to feed our arid dry souls.
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