Two Days

By: Menglu
Competition Year: 2013
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My ears had heard of you,
but I despised you,
The day I tried to abandon myself,
my eyes moistened
I saw the glory lighting from the night,
and I knew it was you,
It was you my God, my only shepherd,
You whispered “Come to me, I will give you rest”,
My eyes brightened, and my heart was stirred
Warmth surrounded me, your love embraced me
I could not withhold, I could not hold back
I gave you my life and I never looked back
That day, I was baptized.

Another day came, and I knelt before you,
Tears streaming from my eyes,
only revealing what my heart could not hide,
You asked,
“daughter, do you love me?”
I answered,
“Yes Father, I love you”,
But then you asked again,
“my daughter, do you really love me”
I said “Father, you know I love you”
“then why so often do you still stray from my commands?”
Suddenly I understood,
You are not only the one who held me up
when I was weak,
You are my Lord, and my King
You stand by me day by day,
Guiding my steps for the rest of my life.
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