Have no fear!

By: James Jackman
Competition Year: 2013
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Have you ever wanted to know the future?
Have you ever wanted to see through time?
Have you ever wanted to predict a system's fate?
Well, my friend, look no further.
I know a wonderful tool to aid this task.
Using the tool of equations,
You need to worry no more.
There is nothing to fear,
Nothing to concern you.
Remarkably simple to use,
With wondrous results.
While they may appear to speak a different tongue,
It is not hard to understand.
While they may appear to be unwieldy,
They are not hard to manipulate.
While they may appear to be ridiculous,
Do not pass over them through fear.
Just relax!
They aren't that harsh!
Give them some attention,
And soon you'll be like us,
Knowing what on Earth we mean,
When we say to differentiate or normalise.
One day you'll be speaking that second tongue.
The language of knowledge and prediction.
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