Stop, think, and do the right

By: S S Saleh (School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Eng.)
Competition Year: 2017
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I say, live until you die, explore and don’t be shy
Can’t I just live, like I was in my childhood?
You say be tough, be strong. But why?
Instead, I would like to be creative or maybe passionate
Whatever I want to be, I just want to embrace my adulthood.
You say be yourself! And then you let me run, struggle and fight!
I say no. Stop, think, and do the right.
Fear, ignorance and suffocation is all that you have done to me
You really like it, don’t you? Enough of your nuisance, let it be!
No, stop, I told you not to liberate yourself with faith and religion
Instead, devote or maybe love and respect everyone’s opinion
I really want to know why do you confuse me, why do you always beat me
The more I want to get rid of you, the more you grow strong like a tree
Well, why wouldn’t you? Alas, you live inside me.
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