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By: im_just_ina (School of Mathematics)
Competition Year: 2017
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If it’s early in the morning or deep into the night
If the wind blows fiercely or the sun shines bright
If alone or with people passing from left and right
You are sitting there, on the other side.

Will they bring you joy, all the things you do
If I’m left behind, if it’s all about you?
If the effort put to go through all things hard to do,
Me and you, will be forgotten, for ‘you need something new’?

Who would say that together we could go this far
That we’d make it, that you would be right here where you are,
Remember the faces laughing at your temptation
To become a noble student, to get a higher education.

Now, with tons of people- new sisters and brothers,
With the DJ on one side, the bar on the other,
With the rhythm that makes your heart pump the blood faster
You push me in nothingness, which feels like a disaster.

There’s no doubt, this is truly a unique place to be,
But that’s why you need me here - I can guarantee.
So please hear me begging ‘use me, don’t restrain’
Don’t give up on us.
Kind regards,
Your Brain.
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