Across The Sun

By: William Fitzpatrick (School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Eng.)
Competition Year: 2017
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Across the sun she came
Sleek and black in flame
Too short to say her name
Too dark to see my shame

One fell to deadly dart
Two turned to face her wrath
My final foe responds
Death rays rattled on

My defences thin
My death still within
My joy short lived
But joy still a gift

Her speed through our fight
In short time speck of light
But they turned to gaze and know
Only one still my foe

I know the game she played
Her return in plan she laid
Two to wait their key
Her speck of light in blackened sea

She could have turned and run
She could have no longer come
She could have left alone
To her I was never known

But she was brave
She was just and gave
All knew she would return
To fight for me and burn

Her black shadow known
Through space and worlds unknown
All foes of light and life
Know she would fight in spite

I turned my fight around
The two who search her ground
I laid all wrath to see
To show who fought for me

My back I showed to one
Who clear barrage rattled on
My shield began to fail
My life in air so frail

She came at last as told
A light, a beam, a sun of old
She came beneath their gaze
Distracted by my narrow haze

Her target all of three
To stop and set us free
She scared each its mass
But took a siding blast

She shuddered as she fled
Her black armour bled
Back out to the night
But not to leave my fight

Three turned to follow
My little light now hollow
My life ignored at last
For her they waited fast

My gaze on them I cast
Each scared by her blast
I chose the least in pain
And set my keel to aim

In second fast I rip his side
To clash and turn the tide
To gift her chance to take
To grant her help I make

My shield buckled in
My life in sheared tin
But one foe more in wreck
To her I gave my breath

As two remained to see
My loss their victory
One blow would have led
To life blood bled

She came again to stop the blow
She came again to fight the foe
She came again to save my life
She came again to stop all strife

Her blast finished off one more
Body turned to only ore
One left to see the fate
Of those who live by hate

We let him limp away
To tell of this long day
To spread her fame once more
To open up the fateful door

She stayed at once to mend
To give me air and tend
I spoke to her to thank
For life and limb so rank

She did not show her face
To us all bowed by grace
She limped away to space
To rest and set her place

I tell this tale for all to hear
Life is just and not to fear
She will again to set alight
Foes of good she will still fight
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