Why I chose this degree

By: Jana Serafimovska (School of Mathematics)
Competition Year: 2017
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Why that degree?
“Employability, you see…”
My parents agree.

Why that degree?
“A respected actuary I’ll be.”
My coursemates agree.

Why that degree?
“It’s a great university.”
My teachers agree.

Why that degree?
“To live abroad - an opportunity.”
My friends agree.

Why this degree?
I like hyperbole.
I think spheres are neat,
trigonometry’s sweet,
long division isn’t obsolete.
I enjoy integration,
equations and such,
eight decimals to me is never too much.

Why this degree?
I don’t care if you agree,
I like maths and that’s what it’ll be.
I like maths – I don’t care who laughs,
Leave us alone, me and my graphs.
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