Dead Pigeon

By: Joe Bath (School of Physics and Astronomy)
Competition Year: 2017
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There's a dead pigeon on the M1.
The Earth pinwheels round the sun,
And it just lies there, on the motorway,
Entrails hanging out, its decay
Only just begun.
And in distant space, a star
Collapses, to rebound as a blazing supernova.
The splattered bird is passed by thousands of cars.
They won't know someone's sun's been scattered over
The vacuum of space
For another 3 billion years.
As a backseat child
Points and stares, her fascinated face
Betraying she has yet to learn to fear
The dismembered pile
Of what was a bird,
A black hole,
Somewhere in the dark, cold,
Uncharted cosmos, releases specks of heat,
And our own, little world
Trodden by 14 billion little feet,
Pinwheels round the sun.
There's a dead pigeon on the M1.
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