Red Giant

By: James Bamber (School of Physics and Astronomy)
Competition Year: 2017
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Gaze on the expanse of a broken world
Suffused with the light of a distant moon,
Where dunes of fine sand, sculpted by the wind,
Rise like the waves of a forsaken sea.

And in the sky the cosmos is altered;
Constellations known to Greece and to Rome
Are warped and changed by the passing of ages.
In the heavens a new firmament reigns.

Look now! A terrible dawn is breaking!
The land is bathed in pestilential light -
The blistering kiss of a furious sun!
Boulders split beneath the red giant's glare.

A province in the empire of the Sun,
Cruelly stripped bare of her water and air,
Quiet but for clouds of dust which rise from
The empty basins of the sundered seas
And land softy upon a nameless shore,
Where the ground is cracked and men tread no more.
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