14 steps to Freedom

By: Ruth K (School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Eng.)
Competition Year: 2017
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1. Plug in your music, turn it up nice and loud.
2. There’s a Plan to exam, got to do yourself proud.

3. Head to library, workin long and non-stop.
4. Information absorb, for marks you can’t drop.

5. Pull out all the stops, you use up all reserves.
6. So when your hands start to shake, it be coffee not nerves.

7. With no Christmas break, you’ve stayed home to work
8. That’s all wasted time when the exam’s a big jerk.

9. Your time’s ticking down, you’ve got 3 exams left
10. Another derivation, and you’ve got to be adept.

11. Hans Zimmer plays on, but you keep going through.
12. ‘a) Integrate this function’ You haven’t got a clue.

13. Sem 1 is now over, your exams are complete.
14. Sem 2 is on Monday, steps 1 to 12 repeat.
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