By: Tension (School of Physics and Astronomy)
Competition Year: 2017
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Dear Mr. MP,

I'm literally writing this lyrical epiphany for all to see, and it's not a matter of fame.
I don't give a shit about critical acclaim. All I wanna do is try and put my name
out there, but I'm scared; for the past few years I've become aware
of what I believe to be the most important paradigm society has ever seen.

The intelligence explosion
unbeknownst to most the notion of a literal god
hitting our world out there, just read and nod.
I'm glad because it shows you won't curl,
it shows you’re rad lads and girls, open to reading the words that I hurl…

Now let's get back to the topic,
the fact that ASI is on its way and that no-one
can stop it.
It doesn't help that governments will openly try to block it.
But we're happy to sit here, no fear, hands in pockets.

Yet that's nothing new,
ignorance from higher powers propagates through and through,
a few true nomads stand aware,
of what really should scare.
But there's more to what is
just, fair.

Now it would be too time consuming
require too much fine tuning
and generally unreasonable
to explain the problem in full,
but all I want to do is inspire
the tired reader, trialed by fire
to make his/her own ventures here
and enjoy what’s near in upcoming years.
So what is this topic I want you to hear,
the topic that should cause genuine fear,
It’s the fact that the singularity is near.
The singularity is near...
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