By: Sofia Andersson (School of Physics and Astronomy)
Competition Year: 2017
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how can you call my words beautiful
when yours weave intricate patterns on
the fabric of your sentences?
your fingertips are instruments,
finely tuned that play the strings
of your mind perfectly.
if i were simple,
i would call your words
a persian rug,
unique and something
to adorn my home with.
but i would rather be accurate
and call your words
constellations in the sky,
ever changing and unique
to the observer.
your words are stars
and constellations.
i am a stargazer trying
to see every meaning and angle,
but never quite managing to.
how can you call my words beautiful
when yours light up the sky
and make me never feel alone?
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Nice, that's sort of letter everybody longs for I think.
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