Helping Hands.......

By: Kumar Shubham (School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Eng.)
Competition Year: 2017
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A crying mother lying in pain,
Waiting for an extraordinary gain.
He was there, a tiny little baby,
Light as a twig, cute and flabby.
An angel was born, one full of light,
He made them happy even at night.

Years passed the baby was young,
He learned things and the innocence flung.
A natural he was like they said,
Never stopped, never feared always unafraid.
His success were endless,
As he was a 'truly god blessed'.
A boy with a heart he went on with life,
Years went by, admiring him in strive.

A grown boy, love being called a man,
A sportsman in look, yes, with all the tan.
Excellence he had, hard work was small
A gust of wind came along and took away all.
The fame was gone, the love was divided,
He wandered around totally unguided.
The history was repeated and the baby cried again,
He feared the dark and the endless foggy rain.
Alone in the dark he stood in a corner,
With no help in way and no trust in balance.
A hand came up in all this silence,
It was his mother offering her guidance,
He was in tears, and could not control.
She hugged him tight and said 'alright',
On keens he was and she picked him up.
She taught him to walk again and made him work long,
And thats how the helping hand rights the wrong.
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