Pursuit of Unknown

By: radhika agrawal (School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Eng.)
Competition Year: 2016
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All was free under this ancient sky
Free – water, air, earth and light
Our minds lost in mathematical universe
Making possible everything that logic denied

With innocence, with greed
In ravaging nature, we succeed
Inventions, discoveries, technology
A fascinating legacy, we leave

Yet, mighty debts they breed
Innocence or greed
A burning curiosity or chasing human comfort and need
Is it the best period for our kind or god playing with our mind, I can’t decide?

Side effects followed every alpha, beta and phi
We went to Moon, had the earth destroyed
World got warmer, sea level went high
More deaths and diseases, lost polar bears and ice

Now, we prepare for Mars, composing our own apocalypse
For our future - our breed
What was once free, shall come with price
An Irony Indeed! More we prepare to live, sooner we die!
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