By: Sunny (School of Chemistry)
Competition Year: 2016
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I am everywhere and no where all at once.

You would hit yet miss me if you threw first punch.

I was here when you arrived, I'll still be here when you go.

You came from me and will return to me whether time runs fast or slow.

I have an uninterrupted view to every single thing.

My window is always open but you cannot look in.

Science and religion incessantly persist,

in trying to prove or disprove that I do not exist.

I am the empty silence between every musical note.

Forever present in every line that Mozart ever wrote.

I am the cradle that holds everything.

Everything that is or will ever be.

You know that I am here but I remain a mystery.

No matter the distance, time or place.

I am an empty space.

Am I nothing?
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