The Structure of MACE

By: chidi kazie (School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Eng.)
Competition Year: 2016
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The layout of MACE is majority male
Loads of blokes who think they're destined to fail
Day by day on stresses and strains
Wondering why it's so much pain

The stresses we face trying to understand
A concept that’s been unsolved till’ date
The strain on our brain as we stay up all night
And work our butt’s off till’ late

The stiffness in our bones from sitting at a PC
For 12 hours a day
The tension in our minds, wondering if it’s worth it
And not just the pay

Newton claims every force has an equal reaction,
But I’m sure my supports can’t take the opposition
Like a crack in the wall grows exponential,
Overwhelmed with work I’ve reached my potential.

During exams is the peak bending stress,
Saying to myself, ‘is all this work worth just a pass?’
Just because I managed an A* in math
Doesn’t mean I automatically know every Laplace

So here we are, just skipped two lectures
Lying in bed while hugging my cushion
Thinking that maybe dropping out
May be the only solution.

But this rant I am on is just a delusion
Engineering is great and that’s the only conclusion
To finish this degree is my own solution
Because I know ill look back and embrace that decision

…Don’t worry mum, ill make it.
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