I am no poet

By: FMollinedo (School of Materials)
Competition Year: 2016
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I’m no poet but I’ve watched all the Star Wars

May the mass times acceleration be with you

Though I know a lot about cars,

My humor wouldn’t get a 2:2

I’m no poet but I can quantitatively calculate the circumference of a circle

That’s just to prove I can use alliteration

Though I’m not very verbal

With pretty girls I try and make conversation

I’m no poet but I can speak Spanish, Italian, French and in Joules

Some say those are the languages of love

Though I try to play by the rules

From a lab I once stole a safety glove

I’m no poet but my University discovered graphene

I can use simple ABAB rhymes

The Charpy pendulum is my favourite machine

A screw dislocation glides and an edge one climbs

And as you will soon see

AABB rhyming is no problem to me

Grinding and polishing a sample are part of my day

Yet, living in Fallowfield, north campus is a long way away

I’m no poet and have Design instead of a dissertation

I’m no poet but understand the technique called repetition

I’m no poet and don’t have many lectures in the Tin Can

I’m no poet but maybe I am
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