A Different Kind of Poet

By: Rares Man (School of Materials)
Competition Year: 2016
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Ask me what I study at University and I’ll tell you I study poetry.

Ask me what modules do I take and I know you’ll be surprised
Because instead to Literature and History, Creative Writing or Theory and Text
I’ll tell you I take Garment Technology, Fashion Function and Aesthetics and Raw Materials for Fashion.

You’ll tell me I won’t be a master of English words and I’ll tell you that you’re right
But instead I’ll tell you that I will be a warrior of the sewing machine, the weaving loom and ruler over the kingdom of the Dye House.

You’ll tell me that I won’t have to deal with metaphors… and this time I’ll have to tell you that you’re wrong
Because nothing says creation and birth louder than two interlacing two sets of yarns that cross each other, giving birth to a fabric
Two souls crossing each other’s lives giving birth to another one.

You’ll tell me that all this things are physical and I’ll tell you that perhaps you are right.

You’ll then tell me that there’s no fiction I have to get my head around in class and I’ll be extremely sorry for having to disagree with you once again
Because I’ll tell you it’s the magic inside the molecules of wool that makes winter nights feel like summer.

You’ll then tell me at least I don’t have to worry about Classics and I’ll tell you that the Bombyx Mori is as ancient as Sappho and that silk flows on the body as freely as her verses on papyrus paper.

You’ll then finally tell me that I study in the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences and that implicitly makes me an engineer
I’ll tell you that perhaps you’re right…

But I’ll ask you now:
Aren’t we, engineers, just a different kind of poets?
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