By: Matthew B (School of Mathematics)
Competition Year: 2016
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You were thinking again, I see,
About how you can untangle this wiry mess.
Friends, and what’s right. Agitators of strife,
All entwined around a mind
Rife with fear, unchanging with time.
The constant amongst the evil and malign.

But that's not true, of course not,
You are changing too,
Over time, day to day.
The things you fear may never be the same,
In a year or two.
And perhaps consistency isn't desired;
The only true story is the one that lies.

Perhaps you felt the urge, the need,
To destroy the thing in which you believed.
At night, when the echoes are amplified,
You tried to find the value inside.
Yet intrinsic value is always consigned,
And can only be seen
With an outside eye.

You try to perceive the inner mind
Through contrived assonance and near-rhymes,
Indeed, instinct insists that it is inclined
To pursue crude use of techniques of this kind
Perhaps your life can’t be structured,
Precisely understood, carefully defined.

Nothing true can be constant,
Consistent, divine
Life is ill-realised, but by design.
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