By: Alan Qiu (School of Mathematics)
Competition Year: 2016
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To find its existence, it will be gone.
To leave it behind, every logic structure has fallen apart.

They say you are nothing and no value.
But I sense everything comes from you.
They say you are the emptiness and void.
Yet I see you are all the hidden possibilities.

When we try to catch you,
You show us the non-existence.
When we begin to forget you,
You seem to be there smiling.

Where are you, my dear one?
Reveal your truth to me.

“I am everywhere, therefore nowhere, now-here.
I am the determination yet denial.
I am the weight-less weight, height-less height,
Sound-less sound and distance in no-space.
I am the BE of NOT-BE.

I am the annihilation of the zero point energy field.
I am the equilibrium that every system desires.
I am the symmetric point that all must obey.
I am the Beginning and the End of time, space and energy.
I am the Origin and Ultimate of the Universe.

Everything comes from me and falls to me,
Together harmonies are formed.
I am both introduction and coda of symphonies,
For every melody needs its rests.

That every tear drops from the window of your soul,
Forget not those innocent smiles flowering in your heart.
Joy and Sorrow, together they are one, together they are me.

Though you regard them as opposite,
Indeed, I am the elimination of separation.
I am the provider of positivity and negativity,
I am the creator of two polarities.

Whosoever tries to find me, they are bound to fail,
For my truths are told in silence.
Do not indulge in the fooling of words,
Feel and you shall seek me here.

So I AM.
The Great Magnificent Mysterious Zero.”
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