The Depression

By: James Berezowski (School of Physics and Astronomy)
Competition Year: 2016
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Come quietly into this darkness
Don't struggle please, don't fight
It's easier to come gentle now
Just follow the dying of the light

Trust me, I won't hurt you
Keep tracing your footsteps in mine
Into this world of your own imagine
Where the fading sun doesn't shine

It seems that something found you here
I think it crept in with the night
Wandering this sodden, lonely place
Remaining close by, out of sight

That creature out there in the void
What if I said that it's you
All of the anger and the broken fears
You must have seen it was true

That beast I see in the cracks
It embodies the pain you create
Every waking night with vicious thoughts
The sadness, the blame and the hate

But don't worry, you're not leaving
Here with the tortures you've known
All hope of escaping has fled you
You're here with me now, all alone
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this is a nice poem
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