What's the Matter?

By: Simon OMeara (School of Earth and Environmental Sciences)
Competition Year: 2016
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to reduce uncertainty of climate change
knowledge of air and its composition will rearrange
particulate matter can seem strange

with measurements we probe and analyse
from these we test model equations and criticise
particulate matter getting wise

simulating particulate formation
allows estimates of make-up and concentration
particulate matter elation

but! the numerous particle processes
means even brilliant modellers are less at ease
particulate matter not appeased

so we start basic, models we simplify
finding the processes for which results amplify
particulate matter we retry

compare with measurements for realism
if correct then celebrate, if wrong then why the schism?
particulate matter please listen:

model and field mismatch makes me lament
rather than model fix shall we blame the measurement?
particulate matter entreatment
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