The Life of a Carbon Fibre

By: R Archer (School of Materials)
Competition Year: 2016
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Atoms align, and crystals form,
the carbon fibre tow is spun.
Whether woven in Basket, Twill or Plain,
High properties are found in the carbon atom chains.

In aeroplanes, cars and sometimes in space,
You'll find metal alloys all but replaced,
See carbon fibre is strong, light, and chemically resistant.
Its high impact strength and fracture toughness is consistent.

This is the material that I study and test,
looking for a technique to strengthen it the best.
Watching it crack, shatter and break,
Hearing the snapping sounds it makes.

A metal arm, pulling and twisting it thin,
Seeing the micro-cracking and fibre bridging begin.
The impactor crashes, breaking the skin,
Compressing and shearing the ply within.

And here I watch, this material die,
"It's in the name of Science and Engineering" I cry.
I am the observer,
the scientist,
the transcriber -

Of the life,
Of this carbon fibre
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